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If you have a valid IHRA Licence, you must use that. Otherwise, please select Drivers Licence.
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Entry Fee
Day Licenses will be paid at the office on race day and will be required for all racers not licensed with IHRA.
Price: $10.00
For Friday Only
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If Yes, you will be emailed the CQDRA Pets Policy and will be required to sign and return the form prior to the race weekend.
Track Regulations
Knowledge of these regulations is a condition of Entry (Failure to comply may result in disqualification and or removal from the facility)
IHRA – International Hot Rod Association
BENARABY DRAGWAY – Benaraby Dragway and includes all the land and all facilities upon that land which is under the control of Central Queensland Drag Racing Association Inc.
CQDRA – Central Queensland Drag Racing Association Inc
SANCTION: This event is sanctioned by IHRA and all racing will be conducted under the current IHRA guidelines. All entry fees include IHRA personal accident & IHRA insurance levies.
PIT AREA/LAYOUT: A map of the pit areas can be found on our website. Pit areas are marked out and you must setup only in the space of your pit area. All pit setups in the middle pit area must be vertically parked to the angle of the pit layout.
POWER: There is no power available at Benaraby Dragway. Please bring a generator if you require power. Switchboards are for Benaraby Dragway use only.
SCRUTINEERING: Vehicles must be presented to the scrutineering area in full race format – RACE READY, with appropriate credentials, helmets, fire suits, parachutes and any other equipment as required under their IHRA regulations. Those with chutes must be prepared to deploy it at Scrutineering.
RACE NUMBERS: Must be IHRA specification and visible from the tower for all competitors. Bikes must have 300mm x 200mm plate firmly attached to bike in an area not obscured by the rider’s legs.
QUALIFYING: Qualifying for all eliminators will be by allocated sessions. Competitors should note that the start line officials may give instructions as to which lane is to be used during qualifying. During qualifying the staging lanes are deemed to be closed for an eliminator’s session at the advertised start time. Once a vehicle has started and moved into the starter’s hands (started when called upon and moved towards the start forward of the control tower) it is deemed to have completed the qualifying run. All qualifying passes are to be paired runs except in the case of uneven numbers in an eliminator. All competitors are to ensure they are in the staging lanes when bracket is called. In the event of a tie for top qualifier’s position on elapsed times the vehicle achieving the time first will be awarded the position.
DRIVERS BRIEFING: Will happen before qualifying at the base of the Tower. All racers and crew must attend the briefing. No engines are to be started or running during briefing.
SEEDING: The competitor seeds the field on the fastest of your three qualifying passes.
BROKEN VEHICLES: Racers must advise the tower staff if their vehicle is broken. Broken vehicles will be removed from qualifying lists only up to 30 minutes after the end of qualifying. Once brackets are seeded and racers notified, they will not be reseeded. During racing you must inform the tower staff immediately.
BURNOUTS: Water/Static burnouts on concrete pads only. VEHICLES MUST BE KEPT MOVING FORWARD to avoid damage to surface. Burnouts are permitted in designated area(s) only. Any competitor breaching this rule may be disqualified from the event. Vehicles with street tyres are prohibited from crossing the start line in a burnout. All other eliminators are restricted to one across-the-start line burnout. This includes over-staging (putting out the stage beam). Penalty: run disallowed in qualifying; disqualification in racing. Ignorance of this rule is no excuse. Physical contact with, including holding, a race vehicle by crew members or others during burnouts is prohibited and will result in disqualification of the run. No vehicle is permitted to do a U-turn after a burnout.
CENTRE & BOUNDARY LINES: Touching or crossing the centre line or boundary line during competition will result in disqualification. The competitor must get off the throttle and cease racing immediately and coast through the finish line.
DIAL IN & STAGING VEHICLE: Your dial in is considered accepted upon commencement of your burnout. All vehicles must stage under their own power in a forward motion.
STAGING LANES: Do not enter the staging lanes until your bracket has been called. Once called, please move to the staging lanes and remain there until called forward by the Lane Marshall. Racers must cooperate with Lane Marshals to assemble fields for racing. Any unattached vehicles will be pushed to the side and left out of the racing. Crew must be present with vehicle at all times.
RACING DISTANCE: Racing will cease when each competitor crosses the timing sensors at the required finish line.
STAGING/SANDBAGGING: Competitors will be given a reasonable amount of time (approx. 20 seconds) to stage at the total discretion of the Starter once your competitor is fully staged. Ignoring a direction from Starter will result in disqualification.
RED LIGHT: The first competitor to red light for any reason loses the race immediately. Only in the case of the competitor in the other lane crossing the centre or side line during the race will the decision be over turned.
TOW VEHICLES/START LINE AREA: Unless children under the age of 14 are in the company of a Junior Dragster vehicle they will not be permitted on the start line and must be confined within the tow vehicle. Passengers in tow cars MUST be seated inside the vehicle. All tow vehicles must be moved to the side of track when racing, DO NOT BLOCK THE EMERGENCY EXIT. All tow vehicles must display the race number of the vehicle that they are in tender for.
RAIN OUT: In the event of a Rain Out, a refund or transfer of paid fees is only possible should you have not commenced racing. Please email to organise refund or transfer.
CLOTHING: All Competitors must meet minimum IHRA safety standards for the vehicle. Crew must be in uniform. Enclosed shoes must be worn at all times inside of the fenced area both sides of track, in staging lanes, concrete area of staging lanes and start line. Sign In Wrist bands must be worn at all times.
JACK STANDS: MUST be used while working under or warming up vehicles. A person must be in control of the vehicle at all times during maintenance.
RIGHT OF WAY: Lane 2 (spectator/bar side) MUST GIVE WAY to Lane 1 (Tower Side) entering for the return road. Clear Braking area as quickly as possible by turning left off the racing surface before stopping. NO reckless or dangerous driving.
RETURN ROAD: Park lights only preferred down the return road – NO HIGH BEAM PLEASE. Be Aware of two cars coming down return road.
START LINE: Start Line and Crew Procedures can be found on our website. Only crew members who are at least 14yrs old, have signed the IHRA indemnity and are wearing identification as issued on day, are allowed on the racing surface. Closed footwear must be worn at all times on the track surface.
SPEED LIMITS: All areas 15kph including Return Road. These limits are in place at all times, including after racing hours. Any competitor or their crew found exceeding the speed limits may be excluded from the event.
PROTECTION OF RACING SURFACE: in the event of mechanical damage, leaking fluids, or debris from the vehicle please safely move to the barrier side of the lane as soon as is practical to prevent major clean ups.
HELMETS: Must be appropriate standard for the performance of the vehicle & adhere to IHRA regulations and MUST STAY ON until a competitor leaves the racing surface.
ALCOHOL: Strictly no alcohol in the pit area during the race meeting. Race drivers and Crew are not to consume alcohol prior to the completion of the event. If any racer is found partaking of alcohol or any other illegal substance during the event, the racer will be immediately disqualified from the event. Random breath testing may occur at any time during an event. Catering and Bar will be in operation. All alcohol to be consumed in the bar area. Please note: GLASS is not allowed at the track. NO DRINKING IN THE PITS DURING RACING – Racers will be Disqualified
DRUGS: We have a ZERO tolerance for drugs at our venue.
FIRE: Strictly no fires of any kind during racing.
STANDING REGULATIONS: It is the responsibility of the Driver/Rider/Entrant to acquaint themselves with these regulations and any supplementary regulations of the particular meeting. A competitor or entrant who breaks these regulations may be disqualified. Entrants are reminded that their crew are their responsibility. Competitors could be penalised for the actions of their crews.
Access the full document here –
IHRA Rules & Regulations
You can access these by copying the below link.
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